3 ways to abuse children – This is how

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We abuse children. This is how:

What would be your weapon of choice to abuse your children and grandchildren? Does it sound appealing to you? Can’t wait? What is hiding behind these dramatic words? I can answer that. This is exactly what we and you are doing at the moment. Not only to our children and grandchildren but also to ourselves. This need to end!

Maybe you don’t see it this way, but maybe you should? We don’t intentionally want to kill children.

Weapon # 1 – Water – Poisoned Water Killer

Excellent choice. Everyone need water. As you already know this is the foundation for all life on earth. And it’s not only for drinking we need it. The water itself is a source of food, like fish. The vegetables need it in the form of rain in order to survive. As you could read in the earlier blog “Is our planet dying….” we are facing huge challenges with our waters, seawater, groundwater and drinking water. The pollution of the water comes mainly from industry emissions, big vessels cleaning their tanks and fertilizers from crops and animals. If you don’t want this nightmare to continue you can ask your politicians what they are doing about it. For yourself you can stop using unnecessary chemicals and if you do, don’t flush them in the toilet. Wash your car at places that are suited for it and not in your yard.

Read below how you won’t get caught!


Weapon # 2 – Air – Airborne Invisible Assassin

This method is particularly effective. Even if it will take some years it will kill children at the end. Some facts about the air we breathe:

  1. 5 500 000 people die every year caused by bad air
  2. To make the air cleaner is the most effective way to get a better health.
  3. Burning of fossil fuel, transports and meat consumption causes are the main causes for greenhouse effect and bad air.


WHO, the World Health Organisation states in a report:


“Air pollution increase the risk of heart failure, stroke and cancer among children.”

Air pollution also causes allergies and asthma.

Weapon # 3 – Land – Starving Death

I´m sure you are familiar with the greenhouse effect and what it causes. Just a few degrees warmer has a huge impact on all life on earth. Many plants and animal are dying because of the difference in temperature. Some plants and animals are favored and in that sense competes out other species. Another effect is that a lot of land turns into deserts. We have many examples of this in Africa where the Sahara desert is getting bigger and bigger for each year. By the way, Sahara is Arabic and means emptiness.

We don’t need any more emptiness on the planet when the population is growing rapidly, we need more space instead. No space means nowhere to grow crops for food. This weapon is a reality for many adults and children already.

Denial and passivity is to abuse children

Haven’t we heard all these warnings so many times that we almost got numb? We don’t really bother because we don’t take it seriously anymore. Am I right? Well, it’s time to wake up. I strongly believe that our children deserve better than this. As the Convention on the Rights of the Child from UN in article 6 says :

“Children have the right to live. Governments should ensure that children survive and develop healthily.”

We as adults should know better. This is 2017 but we still have no idea how to fix our foundation for life. Our heritage for the coming generation is embarrassing. Every change to the better and good ideas are taking to long.

How to not get caught

The ways to abuse children that are mentioned above are legal. But there are some rules. Environmental laws and rules. They are weak but still exists.  But don’t worry. You can get away with almost everything if you are smart. Here is how: Hide in a group like a political party or a company. This is the perfect way to not get caught. Unfortunately the excuse: “I didn’t know better” works very poorly these days. No one get punished for abusing children. It’s the perfect crime…

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Please, can we start to treat our children and coming generations with respect?


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