To what countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all countries within the European Union. We also deliver to the rest of the world even if its more expensive to ship. If you are outside the shipping method mentioned here please make contact and we will try to handle it separately.

What is the cost of the delivery?

For up to date prices add your country at the checkout and there you will see. The cost is up to weight and country.

How can I be sure that the clothes are organic?

B-LIGHT is very keen on that the clothing are produced in a sustainable manner and place great value on avoiding chemicals. Therefore are all products made from GOTS certified fabric. Please read more at GOTS Homepage or the tutorial about organic cotton here. That is our assurance.

Why does the washing label say only 30 degrees?

This is only a recommendation since 30 degrees is usually enough and saves energy. The garments themselves can be washed in 60 degrees, but why? You decide.

What does B-LIGHT stand for?

B-LIGHT is short for Be Light. The meaning is that you are the light of your life and the source of your strength. If you can be your own inner light, your souls light, the sometimes negative outside cannot reach you and affect you in an unwanted way. The source of your core being is your light. Therefore B-LIGHT.

More information about B-LIGHT

B-LIGHT is a small family business that has been run by Suzan and Jonas since 2014. Our clothes are not manufactured in large volumes. They are unique. The company has grown slowly since then. We are located in Mora, Sweden. The heart of Sweden they call it. Our ambition is to produce organic quality clothing at good prices with as little impact on man and the environment as possible.

Answers to some of the most common questions:

1. All our clothes are made of organic cotton. The certification body is GOTS. All fabrics are Fairtrade certified. This creates a good foundation for the clothes to be produced correctly so and not to contain harmful chemicals.

2. Yes, we compensate climate for our production and transport. Read more here ->
We think it is a very good way to pay back to our planet.

3. We can keep good prices because we have no intermediaries. Design and product development are done by us. Our marketing budget is very low.

4. No, we don’t just make yoga clothes. From the beginning it was so but no longer. Our product range has grown and expanded. Pre-sports, post-sports, active wear, fashion, sportswear, bedding, shawls, dresses and much more.

5. Our sizes are “normal”. This is a difficult question, but we try to keep normal Nordic sizes. If they do not fit, you always have the right of return. Read carefully the product description on each product. There we write whether the garment is large or small in size. We do not have free shipping on returns. This is an active choice to reduce our transport and its impact on the environment.

6. We regularly send out discount codes to those who subscribe to our newsletter. (Also in this post) Please help us to share on social media. You will find links below.

7. How do we ensure that children do not manufacture our clothes? GOTS not only regulates chemicals in the clothing or how cotton is grown. It also regulates working conditions such as age, salary and working hours. Certification is taken very seriously. After our visits to the factory, we feel very safe that the regulation is followed.

8. Many newsletters end up in the Spam folder. If you do not receive our newsletters, it is probably because you have not added as a contact or clicked on the letter and stated it as safe. You can read more about how to do this here. The example shows Gmail but works much like other email clients. ->

9. Plastic bags. Not good. For about a year now, we pack all our clothes in organic cotton bags. These are sewn from spills from production. Use these for dirty laundry in your suitcase, or why not as a shoe bag. There are many uses. Our older products are still delivered in PVC-free plastic bags. These only become water vapor during combustion.

10. Credit Cards. Is it safe? The question should be asked to your bank. For our part, we have nothing to do with the transaction. It is encrypted traffic that only goes between the redemption bank and the company that processes the transaction. In our case Stripe. In the case of a purchase, we are only notified that the payment is approved and the order is completed. We have never had any cases of fraud or other scam activities. From September 14, new rules apply. The rules require two-factor identification. (SCA) An extra step to secure your identity. At present, we do not know exactly what the solution will look like.