A message from mother Earth – Is the human race suicidal?

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Is the human race suicidal?

How can we explain that we, the human race, including politicians, CEO´s at companies and other humans with power, do so little to prevent the climate change to increase? The fact is that the green house gasses need to be reduced drastically. The treath of the climate change has never been more appearent. Even hard core climat change deniers are scratching their heads. Should´t we do something drastically to solve this? Why not right now?

How come that we discuss economy and welfare when we soon will have neither economy and welfare nor nature to protect? I strongly believe that climate and environmental laws should over rule any other law. In other words. The economy need to change and follow natures rules and laws. Not the opposite. The opposite is impossible if we want to defend our future. Greed always seem to conquer logic. Over and over again…It need to change. In one way or the other.

How much facts and information do we need before we take the climate change seriously? I mean really serious.

More animals than ever become extinct

WWF´s Living Report shows that wild animals has been reduced by 60 % the last 44 years. Without wild animals and insects we will slowly kill ourselves. We need to save the wildlife in order to save the human race. We are dependent on the wildlife. They are the source of our food production. From the WWF Living Report  2018 you can read the following about pollinators like bees: “Our food production depends heavily upon these pollinators – more than 75% of the leading global food crops benefit from pollination “

Read the full report here

Read a summary of the report here


This is today’s – and our generation’s – greatest challenge and opportunity: for the first time, we can fully grasp how protecting nature is also about protecting people.

– WWF Living Report 2018

Is there any hope for mother earth?

To be honest, the answer to this question tells a lot about you as a person. Are you a pessimist or an optimist? What I strongly believe is that we at least should try our best. If my grandchildren one day ask me:

-Why didnt you do more while the situation was still changeable? It would have been much easier if you started long time ago.

What would I reply?

-Sorry my child but the human race claims to be intelligent but this proves them wrong. I am very sorry.

I want to avoid this dialog.

In the trend chart to the right you can see the trends of emissions and other negative impacts on the environment. The reading is unfortunately very depressing.

We live like we have 1.7 earths

1.7 earths? And that is a global average. In the western world it´s even worse. As an example Sweden consumes 4 earths with the currenct pace.  Short reality check. How many earths do we have? Correct answer is 1, (ONE). It´s been said before. “There is no plan B”. Plan A need to work!

In the WWF Living Report 2018 you can read that there are mainly six areas that affect our planet in a bad way:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Forestry
  3. Hunting and fishing
  4. Energy and transportation
  5. Mining
  6. Infrastructure

So how can we stop the climate change?

In my opinion the big decisions must come from the politicians. New laws that creates a platform for a sustainable new society. Without a global cooperation between politicians, countries and companies a change will not be possible.

As a single person you can address some of the issues. The below list shows what you can do:

  1. Reduce flying. Take the train if possible
  2. Eat more vegetarian food.
  3. Vote for parties that take the environmental issues seriously.
  4. Shop less. When you shop, shop organic.
  5. Support organisations that work for a better environment.
  6. Send an email to your politicians. You can use this free service.

Let´s hope our politicians take wise decisions in the future and for the future.

Thanks for reading!


Sources and images:

The authors own opinions

WWF Living Report 2018

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  1. Monica says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for a valid opinion, Jonas. I couldn’t agree more with your proposed list on what we can do to protect and preserve the mother Earth.

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