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Organic cotton pants

Organic clothing for yoga, sports & leisure

In our organic shop you will find high quality cotton clothes for yoga, sports & leisure. Join us on the journey to make the planet more sustainable by shopping organically. Whether you are looking for organic t-shirts for men, organic tank tops for women, organic panties for women or other organic cotton clothes, they are here. There are both colorful and naturally colored clothes. We also have SALE for men and SALE for women, of course everything is organic.

All our clothes are organically certified

Via the certification, it is ensured that all environmental and social requirements are met - from seed to finished product. We also constantly visit our Indian factory where we check quality and working conditions. We are very happy!

Some of the reasons to shop for organic clothing

  1. You contribute to a more sustainable planet. This is because poisons and dangerous chemicals must not be used.
  2. The age and wages of the workers are regulated.
  3. You avoid dangerous chemicals in your clothes.
  4. Organic clothing promotes more sustainable agriculture. The use of water is regulated.