Why organic clothes?

why should you buy organic clothes

Why should you buy organic clothes?

I visited a health fair where I randomly asked people what was important for them when they were shopping clothes. The answers were, not surprisingly, how it looks and feel but also the price. Almost none of them said it was important with organic clothes before I specifically asked about it. After explaining what organic clothes stand for, most people said it was important. I will explain why…

Being aware of organic products and make a conscious choice

Most people know about organic food and many of us has already implemented it in our daily life. The organic food is nowadays a part of our consciousness. We know about the most famous certifications and we have an idea about the benefits. This has taken many years of education. Today I can consciously choose organic food or conventional food. I all know about the basic differences. I have a choice.

But how about organic clothes?

I went to a health fair and randomly asked people about what is important when buying clothes. The answers were not so chocking; looks, how it feels and price. Not many people spontaneously said that it´s important with organic clothes. But when I educated them in what organic clothing is about ALL of the people I interviewed said that its very important. The organic food industry is way ahead of the organic clothing industry when it comes to market the organic benefits. Both industries are very important if you want to live healthy and reduce chemicals and toxins in your life.

What is GOTS certification and what does it cover?

GOTS stand for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is an independent non-profit organisation in Germany that works for a better planet through organic textile standardisation’s.



GOTS is a standard body, primarily engaged in development and promotion of the standard. The audit and issuing certification is the task of independent Certification Bodies List (Organic certifiers). All these bodies are professionally managed and internationally renowned bodies. None of them would be interested in ‘selling’ a certificate at the cost of their reputation and credibility.


Certification Bodies are further inspected and monitored by Accreditation Bodies (AB) on a regular basis. These AB´s are also experts in their field and professionally managed international bodies.

The standard

The standard owner Global Standard gemeinnützige GmbH is a legally registered non-profit organization in Germany. The financial statements are available in public domain on GOTS website in each Annual Report.


GOTS is world’s leading standard for processing of organic fibres, formally recognized by governments of USA and Italy, besides IFOAM Organics International (organic fibre processing standard) and Greenpeace International (public procurement).

 Education is the key to shop consciously

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The key to a healthy life is to know about what you put IN your body and what you put ON your body. Our bodies absorb the food we eat and the clothes we wear. This affects us. How can the clothing industry sell more organic cotton products than what is produced? Many companies unfortunately misuse the organic labels in their marketing and branding without being organic. Look for famous well renowned labels and certifications. Like GOTS.

Ask questions to the shop owners. If we educate our self and take our health, and the worlds health seriously we will be a powerful force for a better future. What can I do to help the situation? There is no plan B if we destroy the earth. Education is the key to shopping consciously.


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  1. Veron says:

    Thank you for the article. I share your desire to use only organic clothing for yoga and in everyday life. I live in a big city in the United States where there is an acute shortage of nature in a natural way. This applies not only to clothing, but also food, interior items, the environment. We, the inhabitants of megacities, lack natural freshness. And organic yoga clothing (and not just for yoga) is one of those elements that bring us back to the real nature. And I’m grateful to you that you also support this trend on environmentally friendly materials used for making everyday clothes.

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