Yoga retreat in the Stockholm Archipelago

yoga retreat stockholm

A sunny yoga day at Muskö

Every year the great yoga teacher Leni Philip (yin yoga and vinyasa flow) has a pre summer yoga retreat in the Stockholm archipelago. This year it was located in the wonderful summer house of Isabelle at Muskö. We had great luck with the weather. The sun was shining with its fullest strength while we had yoga at the porch. I cannot imagine having a better yoga place. What a view! The day started of at 9:00 with breakfast that Isabelle very kindly prepared for us. Then it was time for the morning class. A 1,5 hour yin yoga class with Leni. She guided us with her soft voice that made us very relaxed and aware of our bodies.

Soft organic yoga clothes that stays in place

The host of day had the courtesy to let B-LIGHT show some organic yoga leggings, organic yoga tops and many more organic yoga clothing. It turned out to be very succesful and Suzan and Jonas (me) from B-LIGHT were quite busy for a while. Some of the yoga practisioners also had time to test the clothes during the day. Some comments where “Very good fit”, “They stay in place”, “Very comfortable” and “What a nice and soft fabric”. It was a perfect day for product testing and very nice to hear that the organic clothes were very much liked and appreciated.



Muskö archipelago lunch and walking

After the energizing yin yoga class Isabelle and Leni had prepared a great meal that landed very well in all hungry stomachs. Noodles with chicken and spring onion, yummy!! We took an after lunch walk in the nature and climbed a pretty steep hill. Me with my Birkenstock and Isabelle with a dog in a leash. 🙂 The view was amazing as you can see on the image above. Muskö is wonderful island in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Well worth visiting. Muskö has so much more to offer than an underground naval facility. With its 271 permanent residing people you dont need to worry about running into people all the time.


Vinyasa flow yoga with Leni Philip – Afternoon session

While the participants became more and more relaxing the longer the day went by it was time for the last class of the day. A very energizing vinyas flow class guided by Leni again. She has very mild and gentle way of teaching and mix it up with quotes and reading from Eckhart Tolle .   It always feels good when the teacher starts with the words “You dont need to do anything of what I´m telling you”. Fighting and struggling is far away during the session but the sweat makes its presence anyway. Good job Leni. Thanks for letting us come an enjoy this wonderful day. Also a big thanks to Isabelle for amazing hospitality.

“Let Fear turn into Wisdom and Doubt into Trust”.  Eckhart Tolle

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